Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pictorial Preview on Indicruz Crossover

Ever since Tata expressed its desire of building a crossover with the Xover and Indiva concept speculations started raising from every quarters. Slowly spy pictures of the crossover (Indicruz) started appearing but it took shape when Tata Motors itself announced that would soon launch a crossover between safari and sumo. Mr Krishnan VP (Commercial), Tata Motors confirmed the same to us. When we started digging out information on Indicruz crossover we got a surprise gift. Our eagle eyed reader Yogesh caught Indicruz and the next generation indigo in Pune – Solapur Highway close to the Tata motors plant. We give you an exclusive preview on Tata’s indicruz crossover with few undisguised pictures sourced from Auto CZ.

Pictures of Indicruz Crossover

Tata indicruz crossover: In the age when SUV’s are failing to move away from the showrooms, its logical for Tata Motors to produce a crossover especially when it wish a place in European markets. According to the books, Crossover is a vehicle which is designed to lookalike a SUV but offers comfort like a car with good handling chracteristics and fuel efficiency. Tata which is enjoying a fair amount of success with the gas guzzling Safari SUV is looking for the Indicruz Crossover to fight against Innova and upcoming ingenio.

Tata indicruz crossover: The styling of the indicruz is typically Tata and follows the rule book of MUV’s. There is nothing to excite at the same time nothing looks odd. The rakish profile and sloping roofline is as typical of any MUV. Remember, Tata plans to sell Indicruz in european market as well and hence there are subtle european styling cues as well. The high bonnet line which emanates from under the trapezoidal grille will ensure this Indicruz comply european pedestrian safety norms. On the sides of the bonnet line are mounted pull back headlamps sourced from new Indica Vista. The bonnet line goes backwards all the way to merge with belt line which ends at the rear. Though the shoulder line is less pronounced flared up wheel arches gives a elegant side profile. The large rear windscreen is bounded by christmas tree tail lamps on both sides. Overall styling of the indicruz is typically Tata and follows the rule book of MUV’s.

Tata indicruz crossover: Is expected to be powered by the same 2.2L DICOR engine which currently serves under Safari and Sumo Grande. The VTT (Variable Turbine Technology) engine will be mated with a 5-speed gearbox. Tata may also strap a FIat Sourced petrol engine under the indicruz hood.

Tata indicruz crossover: According to Auto, the IndiCruz is 4.85 meters long with a wheelbase of 2.85 meters. Good enough to hold three row of seats. However the usablity of third row depends on the packaging strength of Tata Motors. Going by the history of Tata products, we hope that the Indicruz would be a true eight seater.

Tata indicruz crossover:

Tata indicruz crossover: will not replace the safari as quipped by new but will co-exist with the Sumo Grande and Safari DICOR. We expect the price of the Indicruz Crossover to be around Rs10 lakhs

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