Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Toyota Corolla Altis Diesel to Deliver 21.42 Km per Litre

Toyota Corolla Altis
Toyota Corolla Altis
Have you heard of Toyota’s latest diesel car, the Corolla Diesel? Wondering what is so special about the vehicle? The car possesses magical power under its bonnet. The engine is going to deliver a miraculous mileage of 21.42 kmpl. We aren’t faking. ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) has certified the mileage figure. The new car is most likely to come out with a 1.4 liter diesel engine.

The power-packed 1,364 cc diesel engine can shake up 89 bhp at 3800 rpm and an impressive maximum torque of 205 Nm at a relatively low 2800 rpm. Do not be too sad that you may not be able to go faster than a Skoda Laura TSi driver. Just have a look at the torque figures once again. You will certainly be able to rush ahead of the traffic on the awfully crowded city roads. These figures will let you luxuriously lounge in the comfy rear seat of your Corolla Diesel. That’s not all. You can go twice as far as the one in that Skoda Laura. You will not have to worry about visiting the fuel pump as often as the rest.

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